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Los Angeles Filmforum is the longest-running organization in Southern California dedicated exclusively to the ongoing, non-commercial exhibition of independent, experimental, and progressive media art.

Filmforum is proud to be in the center of the cultural programming of a city with a rich history of avant-garde filmmaking and programming. Now in our 41st year, we celebrate personal, hand-crafted and non-commercial work. Read more about our various programs, purchase tickets for upcoming screenings, explore our archives, or learn more about volunteering or making a tax-deductible donation on our newly remodeled website! 


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Upcoming Screenings

  • Blockade, by Sergei Loznitsa

    Stop and Look: Three Films by Sergei Loznitsa

    Date: February 25, 2017
    Time: 7:30pm
    Location: Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian

    Sergei Loznitsa is one of the most heralded filmmakers in Europe, but is still little known in America.  Generously supported by the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, Filmforum presents Loznitsa in Los Angeles for his first time, for in-person screenings at Filmforum, UCLA, Cal Arts, and Cinefamily.  This is the first night of the series, featuring the award-winning short films The Train Station and The Letter, followed by the remarkable hour-long Blockade.

  • Austerlitz, by Sergei Loznitsa

    The End(s) of Remembrance: Two Films on Holocaust Memory, by Sergei Loznitsa

    Date: February 27, 2017
    Time: 7:30pm
    Location: James Bridges Theater, UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television

    Our series of screenings with Sergei Loznitsa continues with this free screening at UCLA (on campus) - the Los Angeles premiere of his highly-acclaimed new film, Austerlitz, which looks at tourists looking at Nazi concentration camps.

  • Maidan

    Maidan, by Sergei Loznitsa

    Date: February 28, 2017
    Time: 7:00pm
    Location: Cal Arts Bijou Theatre

    Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa, Maidan chronicles the civil uprising that toppled the government of Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovich and has since developed into an international crisis between Russia and the West.

  • The Event, by Sergei Loznitsa

    The Event, with director Sergei Loznitsa in person

    Date: March 1, 2017
    Time: 7:30pm
    Location: Cinefamily

    This last night of the series features his film The Event, Loznitsa’s look at the events in Leningrad on the day when Soviet leadership attempted to overthrow Mikhail Gorbachev in a coup, by re-editing footage from the local television stations on those fateful days.

  • Jean-Marie Straub

    Straub-Huillet: Short films of reflections and passages

    Date: March 5, 2017
    Time: 7:30pm
    Location: Echo Park Film Center,

    Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet formed one of the most intense, challenging and controversial collaborations in the history of cinema.  Continuing the series at UCLA in January, Filmforum presents three  recent short films made by Jean-Marie Straub, A Tale of Michel de Montaigne  (2012); Concerning Venice (2013), and Dialogue of Shadows (2012), with special guest Thomas Beard of Light Industry.